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Moretown Elementary School tennis courts, Moretown VT school [map]

Please bring own hand sanitizer (and masks If that suits player comfort level). Practice COVID distancing protocols. Bring your own chair and sit at least 6 ft. apart if waiting to rotate in. I will not be providing water jug to share so please be sure to bring your own water bottle.
If you are showing any symptoms of COVID please stay home. If you have returned from out of state please follow Governor Scott’s protocols for self quarantine before joining in group play.

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Diane L Jessica W Ken F Geordie H Susan W
Anne F. Rhonda H Usman I Mark F
Cary F Penny P Marty Biz Jennifer G Dick V Mike D Harriet G Sharon W Susan M Michael Deborah S Joyce W Tamme Carol C Erin A Garrett B Sarah S Fran C Donna C Susan M [2] Lynn Wing Mike W Claire S [2] Andrew S Janet B Cindy B Rick W Cindy S Dayna a Bobbie B John C Mary W Mary D Pauline L [2] Julie R Martha E Mary E Donna H Curt S Greg C Penny Bert L Mary H Ray G Sarah S [2] Linda P Susan R Marge P Judith B Debbie S Pat A Ken H Mike d [2] Mike d [3]

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Anybody know if the courts will dry? It’s sunny, for the moment here in Warren?

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Never underestimate the Moretown courts ability to dry quickly. Despite showers we were able to play at 5. Optimists enjoyed pickleball time together!

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