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Moretown Elementary School tennis courts, Moretown VT school [map]
Please be sure to sign IN if you plan to play and OUT if you do not. Some players drive a distance to play and it is essential to know who is showing up.

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Sue M Jessica W Claire S [2] Steve G Mark F Susan W
Janet B Jenn G Rhonda H
Penny P Marty Biz Dick V Mike D Sharon W Geordie H Michael Joyce W Tamme Carol C Erin A Garrett B Fran C Donna C Mike W Andrew S Dayna a John C Martha E Donna H Curt S Greg C Penny Diane L Sarah S [2] Linda P Susan R Marge P Judith B Pat A Ken H Matt G Laurie G Pauline L Steve K Joseph K Ann F Ken F Susan M Karen C rita Ann 2 Michael d Dave B Pat A [2] Josh B Hans B Libby M chelsea l Mike c Peggy C Jane K Gary K Marc H Nan B Deborah S [2] Nancy T Talbot P Tisa R Marilyn G Linda K Carol T Karen C [2] Kurt S neal M Mary R MaryLou r Usman I

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Player 5 3
Coach 0 0
Contact person 1 0
Visitors 0
Total In 6 Out 3
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Game Tue, Feb 8 at 05:00 PM 6 2
Game Sun, Feb 13 at 10:00 AM 6 0
Game Tue, Feb 15 at 05:00 PM 6 3
Game Sun, Feb 20 at 10:00 AM 5 1
Game Tue, Feb 22 at 05:00 PM 5 6

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