Moretown Elementary School gym., 947 VT. 100B, Moretown VT [map]

Arrive at 5 and play for 90 minutes. This should allow ample time to play. We can decide to do "Rally Scoring" for quicker turnover or play to 7 or 9 points.

Please sign IN if you plan to play and OUT if plans change. Susan will bring the net or designate another player if OUT.

Availability list

Peg M Valerie S Susan M Sue
Jon C Jenn G Rhonda H Susan W
Penny P Marty Biz Geordie H Michael Tamme Carol C Erin A Garrett B Fran C Donna C Sue M Claire S [2] Andrew S Janet B Dayna a Martha E Donna H Curt S Greg C Jessica W Penny Diane L Mark F Sarah S [2] Linda P Marge P Judith B Ken H Matt G Laurie G Pauline L Joseph K Karen C rita Michael d Dave B Pat A [2] Josh B Libby M chelsea l Steve G Mike c Peggy C Jane K Gary K Marc H Nan B Nancy T Talbot P Tisa R Marilyn G Linda K Carol T Kurt S neal M Mary R Laura B Sarah Joyce M David S Rita B Hayden J Steve R Sybil S Kelly A Usman I [2] Nancynorm Barbara R Stacey W Jane B Roarke S Cathy G Suzanne W Lucie B Lisa S Julie B (2) Amy F Helen M Patty M Ron G Anita B Jas S Patricia L Michael D [2] Sharon B Donna C [2] Christine Leslie P Susan M [2] Tom M Nita H Michael d [3] Mike S Joey Liz L Judy H Valerie E Carl C Valerie E [2] Kat M Sue T shevonne t Cathy G [2] Maggie B Brian H Pamela R Barbara R [2] Barb C beth j Marion U Dell Rolf Charlie D mike h Gayle Y Kara Y Molly R Jennifer R Katrina V Joanie S Linda P2 Rachel E Gwenna P Lynn l Jamie F Bev V Toni C Toni C [2] phil s Karin T Lauren C Amanda M Chris N Cathy H Linda M Trevor Ann F Martha E [2] Rae W

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Player 4 3
Coach 0 0
Contact person 0 1
Visitors 0
Total In 4 Out 4
Previous / Next In Out
Other Sun, Mar 31 at 09:00 AM 6 2
Other Sun, Mar 31 at 10:30 AM 0 4
Game Tue, Apr 2 at 05:00 PM 4 4
Other Sun, Apr 7 at 09:00 AM 6 1
Other Sun, Apr 7 at 10:30 AM 5 0

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