We are a group who enjoy playing Pickleball! Join us at the tennis courts in back of the Moretown Elementary School. All are welcome. We have equipment to share and can help you get you started if you have never played.

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Sarah Spencer posted reaction to Coronavirus risk below. I agree that Moretown should do the same. Suspend until we know more. Exercise classes at Bridges cancelled. Anyone who wants to share an outdoor walk ( no hugging and remain 3 feet apart) please let me know and I could post some meetup times.

Here is Sarah’s post:

Here Hi folks,
I'm trying to CC everyone that plays regularly...please check the recipients and if you see anyone I've missed that is a "regular", please forward! The only email address I know I don't have is Mark's, if anyone has his email to include him in the loop.
I'm reaching out to all of you, partly as someone who organizes Pickleball, and partly as a medical professional, and recommending that we suspend Pickleball play until at least the end of March until we see how the spread evolves in Vermont. Today is the first day that the SEOC is operational in Vermont and the VT Dept of Health is recommending cancellation of all non-urgent appointments/surgeries/procedures at hospitals and healthcare facilities in preparation for a large number of cases. It is not a matter of if, but when.

ALL the recommendations from the WHO and Depts of Health are recommending social distancing policies. I could go on and on about the science and articles I'm reading from this country and others but basically, I don't think washing hands, disinfecting balls, etc etc is an acceptable compromise/course of action given the age group that most pickleball players are in. Any elderly person with a pre-existing pulmonary, cardiac or metabolic disease should consider this disease a very serious life-threat, should they be exposed to it. Those of us that are not in the high risk category should not be cavalier and take the approach of "but I'm young and healthy or I feel fine". The reality is, many people are walking around communities across the US with very mild signs/symptoms and while they are lucky to be in that category, if organizers of events where people come in close contact are ignoring advice to curtail/cancel those events, then we ourselves are at fault for contributing to the spread of the virus.
I know that this may seem an over-reaction to some but I'd rather miss a few weeks or months of pickleball than lose any of you to the virus because you were exposed playing a silly game! On a personal level, I'm restricting my veterinary visits to true emergencies-only, yesterday was my last day going to my morning gym session at SHaRC, and I'm being as cautious as possible with ambulance-related exposure.
I look forward to discussion/thoughts from any who wish to contribute to the conversation.

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Hi Susan....please extend to allMoretown PB super stars that our trails are available (if one can manage Dunbar Hill mud..😕)


So bummed, just went I was healthy enough to start back! I am definitely up for a group walk sans hugging!

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Am again driving grandson back from MMSC ski training ending at 4ish in Stowe. Will maybe be on time to get gear and self to school on time. Will leave gear on side porch and be in contact with whoever can volunteer to step in and get gear to school if I am running late. If no one is available please know if I am late, I am still coming with gear. Have missed our Tuesday games.

So enjoyed birthday surprise potluck! Good times🥰


I can sign up to pick up the gear Susan.

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Thanks Jenn. Will let you know if I expect to make it on time.

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