We are a group who enjoy playing Pickleball! Join us at the tennis courts in back of the Moretown Elementary School. All are welcome. We have equipment to share and can help you get you started if you have never played.

Sport Pickleball
Home city Moretown
Team members 78 (Player list)
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Will we be indoors if rainy?

Susan, profile photo

We no longer have indoor option.

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I have added Thursday evenings at 5 as an additional time to play beginning May 19th. The school will be using the tennis courts for a student circus performance THIS Thursday, the 12th. Warren has a 5PM Thursday on their schedule too, so we will see if we both have enough players.

Friday is another open 5PM day. There wasn’t much interest last summer in that time but I can add it if players want it. “Pop-up” games are also welcome. I can post for you if you don’t know how to.

Have also been considering offering an introductory and beginner time slot. Would attract more players and make “newbies” feel more comfortable playing as skills improve. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with that. Any suggestions for best time?

Enjoy this great weather!



Very thoughtful. Thank you Susan


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Contact person: Susan Werntgen, swerntgen@gmail.com, (802) 496-2594