We are a group who enjoy playing Pickleball! Join us at the tennis courts in back of the Moretown Elementary School. All are welcome. We have equipment to share and can help you get you started if you have never played.

Sport Pickleball
Home city Moretown
Team members 57 (Player list)
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Marty responded in

Anyone got an extra paddle tonight?

Susan, profile photo

It is not a student school day. Teacher inservice but no overlap with after school program. Perhaps we can still play at 5. I just called the school and got no answer. Difficult to confirm if door will unlock automatically if no one is there. I would give it a go at 5. Susan M2 is in. Two more?

Will call school again after 9.

Sue, profile photo

Good to hear you're in, Susan. I'll be there at 5:00 and hopefully we can get in.

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