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Have just gotten word that Moretown Select Board approved tennis court use as per Governor Scott’s advisory. Expecting nets will go up tomorrow. (I still have borrowed net from Warren so play will still be a GO for Thursday if we have 4.)

I have posted game times and invite you to sign up at your COVID comfort level. Please let me know if you would like me to add additional play times as we test the waters to see who wants to play when.

Please utilize player roster contact information to arrange your own games as suits your needs.

Hoping to resume pickleball fun while still staying safe.

Welcome your input.



if you don't use playerlineup, what happens when you show up to play and the courts are occupied? how long do you wait for the court? I think with tennis, it's typically 1 hr (but pickleball players usually play 2-3 hrs)

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Player Lineup can be used as under Options, you can limit the number of Players. You may need admin privileges.

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We used to have reserved time for pickleball but no more. These are public courts and if in use you must wait an hour. We have had few conflicts.

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Hi all,

Know we are all eager to resume play.

Warren pickleball players have discussed compliance with Governor Scott’s directive for safe outdoor play and come up with the following guidelines:

Suggestions for Pickleball Play in Warren

-- Before play

• Make sure you bring hand sanitizer and some sort of appropriate wipes

• Player LineUp will not be used so make your own games. There will be no scheduled play at the moment. This allows you to make sure that you play with someone with whom you feel safe as your partner and against a team whom you also feel safe.
• Singles are fun and fine.
• Bring your own chairs. Set them up 6’ from the opposite team and others
• Hand cleaning before touching any equipment or the storage boxes before play
• Wipe down any community balls used before play. Preferable to bring your own.
• Either use different colors for each team or label the balls. If they are community balls, please label them generically e.g. “A”, “1” etc
•Maintain 6’ of separation at all times

-- During play

• Maintain 6’ of separation except from your partner
• No switching of partners
• Each team uses their own balls either labelled or different colors
• No touching of the other team team’s balls
• Use only two courts separated by the tennis net
• Wear a mask if you wish

-- After Play

• Hand cleaning again before before putting things away
• Wipe down any community balls before putting them away
• Wipe down anything touched e.g. locks, basket after putting stuff away. (Nets not included)
• Maintain 6’ of separation except from your partner


The tennis nets are not up yet in Moretown. I still have the net Warren loaned us for indoor winter play. It is now on my side porch along with outdoor balls I have sanitized for you to borrow. Will check to see how soon Warren needs their net back and will let you know when tennis nets are up.

I will not be posting a schedule for play as it might invite participants in excess of safe numbers. The roster on Playerlineup provides contact information for each player. Please contact those you can play safely with and arrange a time to play on your own.

I will share less restrictive guidelines as they become available.

Please stay safe.

Hoping to see you on the courts soon.