Oh! That looks just like us!


This was thrilling! Makes me want to get out on the courts! Thanks, Usman, for posting it.


Fun to watch what is possible


Happier New Year y'all


Happy New Year to All!

I'm realizing I don't have the bandwidth to host the Zoom cocktail and jokes hour every week, so have deleted those events that I had set up.

If anyone wants to host a Zoom get together, cocktails and jokes or whatever theme, that would be great.

For those not used to setting things up in Playerlineup, just go into Playerlineup, click on "Schedule" in the menu bar, then click on "Add New Event." You can then add the Zoom link in the "Location name" box.

To set up a Zoom meeting, just go to your Home page on your Zoom app and click "Schedule" and then follow the prompts.

If you have any questions about either of those procedures, just send me an email.

Here's to a happy and peaceful New Year!



Hello All!

I thought I had made the Wednesday 5:00 Jokes and Cocktail hour a repeating weekly thing, but I was wrong. I have now!

All are welcome to come and share a cocktail and a joke, or just a bit of conversation. Here is the Zoom link:

The link is also posted on the weekly events page.