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Thanks Usman for new rules update. We may need you to be our coach this summer😎

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Sorry to have missed tonight’s Zoom meetup. Cookie baking ran late with my 7 year old granddaughter Elsa. We had fun!

Hoping we get enough snow to share some snowshoe treks soon. Have to figure out COVID restriction compliance.

Stay warm everyone.



HOT OFF THE PRESS. 2 new rules changes for 2021 - new serve rules and let calls.


I echo the big "thank you" to Susan W. for all that she does to schedule, inform, supply nets and balls, play, laugh, and generally take good care of our Moretown Pickleball "league"!

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And I will add “and then some”. Susan even supplies water, (when forgotten), hand sanitizer, Kleenex. She is so much more to us than our Moretown Pickleball Guru Launcher from the get-go. (4 years ago?)


I agree with everyone Susan has been our Pickle ball Guru Launcher and so much more! Thank you for all you do.


Thanks, Susan, for all you've done this season for us pickleball aficionados! I really appreciate it. And, I too just got a negative test after my quarantine and was hoping to join everyone on the courts for one last, chilly game. Oh, well. Though I hate not to play or socialize with friends, I think the Governor is wise in his executive order. If we all just kept to ourselves for six weeks I bet we could flatten this spiking curve. Here's to a working vaccine!!